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I have a busy lifestyle, is this programme for me?

Last modified: 2nd June 2021

⭐️ If you stay in hotels while working away this is no problem we will show you how to stay on plan while working away. Many of our previous participants have done this

⭐️ If you’re eating in the hotel or in a restaurant, most if not all hotels and restaurants will accommodate your request to modify a meal. Don’t be shy! This is your 75 days to achieve phenomenal results so make the most of it. We will tell you how what options you can have while eating out that will keep you on plan 😊

⭐️ In regards to exercise we can easily provide alternative workouts when required to fit you environment

⭐️ Lastly embrace the challenge, enjoy working away or going out for meals. There’s plenty of healthy options and opportunities for you to enjoy and explore!

Much love, Scotty 💖

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