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You, your coach and your Facebook group family. Completely private, and hidden from everyone outside of the group.

Your new fitness family

One of the best things about The Six Pack Revolution is the support network. Your private Facebook group is a hub of activity, where others in the group share their experiences, results, and tips on overcoming any obstacles. People have made lifelong friendships in our groups! Plus, there’s nothing like being congratulated by countless people after successfully completing a challenge!

Personal attention

Every coach at The Six Pack Revolution has completed at least one wave of the plan, and assisted another coach for another. They joined the revolution with their own goals, and loved it so much that they wanted to be an even bigger part of it.

They know what it’s like to take this journey, what it’s like to overcome obstacles and how incredible it feels when you reach day 75 – and they want to help get you there! They’re also there for you every step of the way. Your coach will become a friend, and give you all the support you need to reach your best.

Your group becomes a community, where everyone helps each other. Participants have even made lifelong friends! Your coach is there for you every step of the way, and on hand to help with everything.
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