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What if I have had a C-Section?

Congratulations on your new addition! 

The beauty of this programme is it can be done solely on food alone if needs be (and alongside breast feeding, please refer to breastfeeding FAQ for more details) 

SO if you are still within your current recovery window but want to start, you can still follow the food plans and achieve incredible results and start your journey back  to your pre-pregnancy body and more.

We have had new mums start the programme with 4 or 5 week old babies and completed it successfully with the most amazing results!

Please ensure before you start exercising, you have had your post op consultation and been given the all clear to resume physical activity. 

Once you are allowed to return to physical activity, we are happy to give alternatives for any exercise you are unable to or don’t feel comfortable doing. 

It is vital that you are aware that everybody’s body is different and can recover at different rates, so you MUST only ever do what you feel comfortable with, as ultimately it is your responsibility to look after your body.