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Can I complete the programme if pregnant?

Firstly huge congratulations on your amazing news! 

We recommend before doing or continuing with any exercise please ensure you discuss this with your GP/Midwife so they advise/give you the all clear to exercise.

While on plan it is so important to listen to your body and do what feels right to you. 

Some people are able to continue to exercise, some are not!mEither is absolutely fine on plan. As a precaution some like to wait until after their first scan. 

 The Six Pack Revolution food plan provides you with a perfect, healthy, balanced diet. When you join please inform us if you’re pregnant and we will alter your diet accordingly. 

Our nutrition will provide the best possible nutrition for you and your baby. We have had many participants complete the programme, before, during and after pregnancy. 

Most importantly… relax and enjoy it. Your body is the most incredible machine and it’s amazing how your body will adapt and grow. 

Sticking to the plan will help give you and your baby the healthiest possible start 💕

Please remember it is ultimately your responsibility to look after yourself & please only do what feels comfortable for you and your bubbie. 


Maybe the BEST OPTION would be to wait until baby is born and then join to get back to tip top shape in no time!