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I don’t want my photos going up on social media. Can I still join?

We won’t make you post anything, however this is a major part of the journey and can be very liberating. It inspires others.

We’re sure you were attracted to do this through the photos of others right? This process is a huge journey learning about yourself and personal development and mental strength. Everyone in past challenges trusted us and went with it, even the ones that said the same in the beginning. Ultimately it’s up to you… you can still do the programme…

We do have members who cannot have their photos on social media for various reasons from company policy, religion or just personal reasons, we do however need an updated photo weekly for our records and to track your progress. These photos will only be seen by your Coach and our Photo Coordinators, and will never be posted online unless you choose whether you would be happy to be included in our Hall of Fame (showcased on social media) or not.