Frequently Asked Questions

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I am from South Africa. Will this be ok as I'm not from the UK?

Yes 100%, you can do our programme from anywhere in the world!

Can I pay in instalments?

We do not currently offer payment in instalments, we do however give plenty of time between you registering an interest in the next wave and the payment cut-off date.

I am looking to take part in the next wave. I have one question though, I am training for a marathon in a few months, will it be ok to do that amount of running training with this programme?

We have had many Marathon runners and Triathletes competing whilst on our programme. In fact, we have had many people run Marathons and Triathlons because of our programme.

I am far from being fit, can I still do the programme?

Anyone can do our programme, regardless of the level of their current fitness.

I’ve recently had a knee operation and cannot bend my knee fully. Will I still be able to do the exercises set?

We always work around injurys and give alternative exercises if you cannot do them.

The Battle Ropes you use in the programme, how do they work? I live in a flat so just wondering how the logistics of it will work with space and I presume they need to be wrapped around something? I don’t want to commit and then discover I can’t participate in the essential things so any clarification will be great.

Battle Ropes will play a big part as they are easily used anywhere and they burn fat and build muscle fast. Other people on programme that live in flats take them to the park or many have wrapped them around a lamppost. In the Lean Team we have a mentality that there will be many obstacles along the way but we never make an excuse … we ALWAYS find a way.

I cannot eat fish, is this going to be an issue?

Not at all, we always find an alternative.

The programme all sounds great however I would not be happy with posting my progress on my social media! I would be happy to put one on at the END of the 90 day plan. Everything else sounds brilliant so please let me know if NOT posting my photos would be a problem?

We cannot make you post anything .. however this is a major part of the journey and is very liberating …. and it inspires others .. We’re sure you were attracted to do this through the photos of others right ? This process is a huge journey learning about yourself and personal development and mental strength. Everyone in last challenge trusted us and went with it even though they said the same in the beginning maybe you could ask their opinion. However as we say, it’s ultimately up to you …you can still do the programme … but you will miss out if you hold back.

I cannot have pictures of me posted on social media due to my company’s policy, is this going to be an issue?

We do have members who cannot have their photos on social media for various reasons including religion too, we do however need an updated photo weekly for our records and to track your progress.