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Strength training, the best-kept, science-backed secret to boosting your fitness routine…

If you’ve been wanting to push past your fitness plateaus, manage weight loss goals, boost your metabolism and sculpt a strong and lean body, then it’s time to move on from just cardio and flexibility training and add strength training to your overall wellness programme.

It’s not about working out for longer, or with super heavy weights. It’s about adding resistance to your routine, pushing hard, and challenging your muscles by adding that extra weight using kettlebells.

There are numerous benefits of strength training with kettlebells at the gym or at home and no, strength training won’t make you bulk up, but it will do these 6 amazing things for your body…

#1 It’s a killer calorie burner

Training with kettlebells burns more calories than straight-up cardio. It is also good for people looking to shred fat that just won’t budge. Research shows that just two sessions of strength training per week can boost your metabolism and allows your body to continue to burn calories hours after your workout has ended.

#2 Shape and tone

Let’s first bust the myth that lifting weights will make you bulk up. To do that you will have to massively ramp up your calorie intake – it requires a substantial commitment to gain extra muscle mass.
Your body will, however, change in composition – think of a lean sculpted body without adding inches.

#3 Impacts your bone density

Lower impact strength training is not only kinder to your joints, preventing cartilage and bone injuries, but it also has a huge impact on your bone density. Making your bones stronger promotes better posture, which improves your appearance and make you look and feel more youthful.

#4 Makes your skin glow

According to researchers, endurance exercise creates a protein (IL-15) that regulates the mitochondrial function in aging skin. So, in other words, your skin cells can look years younger when you add strength training to your wellness plan.

Our founder, Scott Harrison, is well-known as the ‘age disrupter’, as our 75-day programmes continually turns back time for our participants!

#5 Cognitive support

The fluid, swinging movements, swift swapping of kettlebells between the hands, and the rapid transfer of weight between different sides of the body not only improves flexibility and balance but also creates cognitive focus and mental agility. So it’s a workout for your brain as well as your body!

#6 Improves core strength and stability

Kettlebell training works the muscles that you use in everyday life. It provides a full body conditioning workout, helping to improve your posture and your stability. In fact, kettlebell training works on explosive movements that stimulate the abdominal muscles and require core contraction and coordinated breathing. This leads to core improvement without the usual crunches or leg raises. Dynamic movements improve coordination throughout your body.

Why choose kettlebells?

Whether you’re brand new to working out or simply looking to refresh your wellness goals, it is the perfect time to apply that new and refreshing energy toward kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are beneficial for everyone who exercises:


  • Perfect for people who like to work out at home.
  • Great for those wanting to change their fitness routine or try something new that is scientifically proven to work.
  • Individuals who want to strength train without putting stress on their spine.


With a little know-how and a lot of support from us here at The Six Pack Revolution, we’re confident you’ll be switching to strength training using kettlebells to create long-lasting changes, build lean muscle mass, burn calories, and boost your metabolism.

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