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If you’ve already achieved your target weight and body fat %, The Six Pack Revolution Maintenance Programme will help you maintain your lean physique and give you the knowledge you need to maintain a strong healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. This plan is suitable for all men and women who want to be held accountable by SPR Coaches and fellow participants to maintain the body and mindset that they have worked hard to achieve by successfully completing the Original SPR programme. Of course the nutrition rules of a maintenance programme are more relaxed!

Join The Revolution and change your life today!

Next Wave Starts Monday 10th September 2018
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Six Things you need to know before you join The Six Pack Revolution


1. Focus on the goal and success is yours

To achieve this task, you must first get your mind focused, no matter what comes your way, and stick to the plan for the full 90 days.
You will have some testing times over this period, BUT, you can achieve ANYTHING you apply your mind to, if you have a plan than works.
The Six Pack Revolution is not easy, however it’s very achievable and will reward you like nothing else you have experienced before.

2. Our Nutrition Plans are vital for your success

You’ve seen our results… Our Nutrition Plans work! Trust us, work with us and we will help you succeed.
We have delicious recipes to share with you, that are also easy to prepare.
Preparation is key. We’ll guide you on how to set yourself up for success.
Our Nutrition Plans cater for full foodies, vegetarians, vegans and those who would like to use supplements with their meal plans. You’ll have a few options to select a plan that’s right for you.

3. Daily Disciplines and Exercise Challenges

The physical commitment is simple, but it’s not easy. You will need to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and do everything we ask of you if you want to achieve your dream body.
We’ll build up your strength and stamina steadily over the 90 days, so your current level of fitness doesn’t matter as we will all work at a different pace to achieve our individual goals.
ANYBODY can do this, if you take consistent ACTION, regardless of how “FIT” or “FAT” you are when you start!
We’ll hold each other ACCOUNTABLE to doing the exercises, and will support and encourage each other along the way.

4. Anytime. Anywhere. No excuses

You can do The Six Pack Revolution from your home, anywhere in world.
There is one piece of equipment you will need to buy to take part properly and that is a 9 metre 38mm BATTLE ROPE. We don’t sell the battle rope, but you’ll be able to find it on eBay or Amazon. It’s approx. £24 on eBay – that’s the cheapest and best value for the money. You must have this before we start.

5. Progress Photos

This is a vital part of tracking your success over the 90 days. You’ll be required to submit weekly progress photos so that we can monitor your progress.
You may opt to keep your photo’s private, which we will honour.

6. We want you to SUCCEED

The Six Pack Coaches will help you succeed
Your fellow participants will help you succeed
EVERYTHING we’ve developed is designed to help you succeed
If you commit and stick to the plan, success is yours!

The Six Pack Revolution will bring you so much more than just a six pack. It will be a liberating discovery of who you really are… The personal development, the fitness, the way you look, the way you think and the way you feel will all be incredible benefits of the programme!

Your DREAM BODY is ONE DECISION and 90 Days away from becoming your reality.


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