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As we move into Autumn and are counting the days to the festive season, it’s the best time of year to get into incredible shape ahead of all the parties and get-togethers to come.

Join today and start this October

Last chance to Join The Six Pack Revolution before next year!

You’re Not Alone

Fitness and healthy eating can feel like a lonely journey. Having people around you that understand your journey and keep you on track can be the difference that helps you succeed.

Our clear plan is easy to follow. You’ll be assigned a coach and be part of our community. You’ll be given delicious meal plans, easy to make recipes, mindset training and fitness challenges that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Our coaches and community are here for you every step of the way!

Feel confident and look your best at parties and get togethers – and know you’ll have earned some moments of indulgence! We have tons of recipes that’re super easy and warming as the weather gets colder and fun exercises you can do from home.


Welcome to the Revolution!

We offer a 75 day transformation programme, where we coach you on fitness, mindset and nutrition. You’ll learn how to cook delicious recipes, and complete fitness challenges to get you into the best shape of your life.

You’ll be part of a huge support network, where everyone is there for each other. We started where you are today. We’ve done the programme, we’re proof that this works, and we’re proof that you can do it too!

We believe in you, and can’t wait to welcome you to the revolution!

How does it work?


You’ll be assigned a coach, who will be there for you throughout the programme

Meet the coaches

You’ll receive delicious, easy-to-cook recipes, and a meal planner

View meal plans

You’ll be assigned fun and challenging fitness routines, with photo and video guides

See the fitness plans

You’ll be in a private Facebook coaching group with people like yourself

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If you have an internet connection, you can join the revolution! People all over the world are getting into the best shape of their lives with The Six Pack Revolution

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Achieve your health and fitness goals and get results quickly. Get to a healthy weight, generate more energy, build lean muscle and feel amazing with The Six Pack Revolution range of meal replacement and post-workout protein smoothies. Available in Whey and Plant-Based vegan varieties.

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