Cancellation Policy

  • Your Rights:
    If you want to cancel a distance selling contract, you usually have a legal right to do so ‘unconditionally’. This means you can cancel without giving a reason. But it’s only unconditional for a certain amount of time after a distance selling contract is ‘performed’ (a contract is usually ‘performed’ when you’ve received the goods or services you ordered). This time period is known as the ‘cancellation period’ or ‘cooling-off period’.Different cancellation rules apply depending on:
  • Whether the contract is for goods only, both goods and services, services only or digital content; and
  • When the seller provided the ‘relevant information’, which means the information on your right to cancel, and the time limit and procedures for cancelling the contract.

For the purpose of this Cancellation Policy, The Six Pack Revolution service is classified as “digital content”.

The Cancellation and Cooling Off period is therefore as follows:

Scenario 1: Contract agreed but digital content not delivered:
If for any reason after joining you feel The Six Pack Revolution programme is not for you, and you request to withdraw within 14 calendar days, which is classified as cancellation and cooling off period before we issue the first exercise and nutrition plan (digital content), we will give you a full refund.
The refund will be processed within 5 days of you notifying us and your payment will be returned to the original payment source.

Scenario 2: Contract agreed & digital content is delivered:
Please note that you agree to waive-off your rights for cancellation even within the cooling off period of 14-days, if the digital content has been delivered.
The refunds can only be given prior to us sending you The Six Pack Revolution Meal Plans (digital content) (typically a week before the start date) and not afterwards.