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We all want to feel fit and healthy.  Routine workouts and exercise are something that has been deemed helpful in remaining fit and healthy all through our life span.

Men have been focusing on using the gym to get fit for years.  However, it is only in the last 15 – 20 years, we have seen an influx of women take up the challenge of getting fit through regularly heading to their local gym!

Unfortunately, many women think that simply walking into the gym and working out regularly will help them get proper results within a few days.  Others will spend all their free time at the gym and still won’t see results.

If you are among the ones who are putting in your best effort and still not getting any results, it’s time you assess your own workouts and check to see that there are no clear fails stopping you from achieving the healthy body and mind you deserve!

Fail 1 – Weights

The fear of ending up looking like Sylvester Stallone stopped women in the past choosing the right weight for them.  Even now, women are usually found picking up the least amount of weights or somewhere close to it as they may feel they have less capacity than men.

Here at The Six Pack Revolution, we’ve added Battle Ropes to our weight training programme.  Battle Ropes offer full body strength training as well as cardio and can be done in your back garden if you don’t fancy paying out for that fancy gym membership!

So stop lifting light weights for 60 minutes then pounding the treadmill for 30 minutes and kill two birds with one rope.

You can build your core muscle and burn fat simultaneously with the right mix of weights, battle ropes and cardio.  If you are executing your exercise plan correctly, the results will be amazing!

Fail 2 – Focusing on only one Style of Workout

Here at The Six Pack Revolution, we have found our clients had previously got stuck into a routine of only doing one style of workout for example, only focusing on running.

We know, from the sheer volume of clients that have gone through our programme, that success comes from performing both cardio and strengthening exercises to achieve the desired weight loss and a perfectly toned torso.

The Six Pack Revolution weekly challenges are designed to push our clients to dramatically improve their strength and fitness.  Daily disciplines are perfect for stubborn areas like abs!

Fail 3 – Not Checking your Form

Method is crucial to any workout.  If you are performing a certain set of exercises incorrectly you run the risk of injury.  You will also not see the results you want.

As part of The Six Pack Revolution, you are expected to video your challenges.  That way our coaches can quickly correct your posture or positioning from a workout.

Taking weekly full body photos also help you stay focused and will manage your expectations and your results.

Fail 4 – Unbalanced Exercise

One of the most common mistakes that women do is focus on a certain body part, usually their legs, bums and tums!

This method results in that area being worked out regularly, leaving other areas of the body undefined like their arms and shoulders.  Who doesn’t want sculpted arms like Madonna!

The Six Pack Revolution concentrates on the whole body.  Daily disciplines and weekly challenges together with different options in case of injury, are rotated ensuring every muscle is developed.

Fail 5 – Pre and Post-workout Fuel

Did you know that you should eat one hour before exercise?  Plus you need to hydrate so at least 3 litres of water on your exercise days as a minimum!  Protein shakes are a great way to replenish and rebuild the muscles within us so get shaking!

Fail 6 – Warm Up AND Cool Down

Women love a high intensity exercise class, but have you ever been in a class where the warm up and cool down was cut short?  Suffer from cramping or aching the next day?  Your body is telling you that it wasn’t ready to start the high intensity workout and your muscles were not stretched out after.

Best results will always be achieved when your warm up and cool down is proportional to the intensity of your workout.

Fail 7 – Unrealistic Goals

The hardest part about deciding to change your fitness levels is getting started.  The second most difficult is setting realistic goals.  You are sabotaging your mental health and fitness routine if you set an unrealistic goal leading to failure.  The key to setting successful goals is to understand your habits, personal time available and knowing what is realistic for your body type.

At The Six Pack Revolution, our 90 day programme includes all the components you need to get into the best shape of your life.  It sets your goals for you, provides a personal coach, healthy meal plans, and fun and challenging fitness routines.  Best part is that your goals are set for you and managed by an experienced personal coach who will help you through the ups and downs of your journey.

Fail 8 – Loosing Direction

Women are known to start to skip out of a few workouts or reduce the intensity or the reps that they perform.  This will not help you in any way.  Including exercise and fitness should be a way of life and your workouts should only increase in intensity as the time passes.  Your body will gradually get used to the regular exercises so always strive to do one more rep and up the intensity, giving your body the capacity to perform more.

Fail 9 – Heading to the gym with your best friend

No two people have the same body type so it is important that you don’t get stuck using your workout time as a catch-up session with your best friend.  You need to figure out what combination of cardio and strengthening suits your body type and make sure you concentrate on YOU and your results to avoid failure.

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Fail 10 – Excuses and Distraction

There will always be plenty of excuses not to go to the gym.  Whether it is a family illness, too much work pressure or socialising.  If you are serious about feeling and looking amazing, then you might benefit more from getting involved in a fitness programme.

You could try a group run by a Personal Trainer at your gym, a local boot camp or a more structured programme like The Six Pack Revolution.  These groups are all aimed at keeping you motivated and strong through their support network – there’s nothing like being congratulated by countless people after successfully completing a challenge!

There are so many things that may distract you while you are working out at home or in the gym.  Women are well known for multi-tasking, but when you exercise it is important that you concentrate on YOU!

If you are working out at home, turn off your devices unless you are using them to follow an exercise programme.  If you are in the gym, try and avoid chatting to the other women working out, until you have achieved your fitness goals you have set for that session.  For that 5k or 10k, try and run either with a partner who is as focused as you or on your own.  A run with your favourite music playing is exhilarating good for the mind and the body!

Avoiding these 10 mistakes will help ensure you achieve your true fitness levels.  By continuing to work hard within your realistic goals, you will achieve the desired results.

If you are still struggling, find a group or programme that includes like-minded people, coaches and the support network required to keep you on track for a set period of time then isn’t it time you talked to us here at the Six Pack Revolution.

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The Six Pack Revolution is a 75 day transformation programme, where we coach you on fitness, mind-set and nutrition.

Founded by Scott Harrison, the programme includes everything you need to get you into the best shape of your life. You’ll learn how to cook delicious recipes, and complete daily and weekly fitness challenges within a group of like-minded people, all looking to achieve the same outcome as YOU!

All our Six Pack Revolution coaches have been through the programme. They started where you are today and are proof that the programme works, and proof that anyone can do it too!

One of the best things about The Six Pack Revolution is the support network. You’ll get to know your new fitness family through a private Facebook Group. This is ‘The Hub’ where others in the group share their experiences, results and tips on overcoming obstacles.

We believe in you, and can’t wait to welcome you to the revolution!