As we move into the isolation phase of the pandemic, many will find it impossible to get to the gym or complete their exercise but it’s important to stay active and healthy.

Here’s a free workout you can do from home, as our gift to you. Scott and the whole Six Pack Revolution Team wish you love and good health through this tough time x

Workout: Lockdown

Beginners: Complete 1 circuit
Intermediate: Complete 2 circuits
Expert: Complete 3-4 circuits

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, take a 15 second break, then move onto the next exercise.

To watch on your smart TV, search “The Six Pack Revolution” on YouTube

  • Bouncing jabs
  • Squat kicks
  • Plank shoulder taps
  • Leg sliders
  • High knees
  • Inch worms
  • Jump split lunges
  • Reverse crunches
  • Side to side jumps
  • Squat double uppercuts
  • Heel taps
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