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The  easiest  way to stay on plan!

Getting incredible results with The Six Pack Revolution in the UAE is easier than ever thanks to Six Pack Delivered.

Our partners, POP, operate Six Pack Delivered exclusively in the UAE and support participants on their transformation journey through three channels.

How does it work?

Join the Six Pack Revolution

Join the award-winning Six Pack Revolution 75-day plan and get online coaching, community support, fitness challenges, mindset training and nutritional information.

Select Delicious Food

Choose from a range of on-plan tasty meals and snacks, prepared fresh from the highest quality ingredients and delivered daily by Six Pack Delivered – Powered by POP!

Get Incredible Results!

Like every participant you’ll feel great and look amazing, but there’s so much more… Enjoy limitless benefits, including increased confidence, stronger immunity and a positive mindset.

The Six Pack Revolution

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Six Pack Delivered

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Available now in the United Arab Emirates