Riki Geard

Head Coach
E-mail: riki@thesixpackrevolution.com
Brief info

As a mum of active young children (a daughter and twin boys), I understand the demands that busy family and work life has on us and how nutrition and exercise can make an incredibly positive impact on the way we cope and indeed excel in that busy-ness, in all aspects of our lives – physical, mental, hormonal, emotional and spiritual.

I have a natural talent for encouraging people and a sincere desire to help people discover their strengths and achieve their health and fitness goals. My Mediterranean heritage and family background has instilled a love for great tasting fresh healthy food. Food fuels our bodies and it’s a blessing to coach people on how making changes to the type, quality and combination of foods can vastly improve their all round vitality.

Having progressed through The Six Pack Revolution to my own peak fitness level and physique, I am passionate about inspiring and motivating people to discover just how amazing they can feel in their own bodies.