Dr. Miguel Martinez (MChiro.S.T.R.)

Bio-Mechanical Expert
Brief info

I am a Bio-Mechanical expert. I qualified in the UK as a Doctor of Chiropractors, which the highest qualification of a body physicist achievable and developed my Chiropractic knowledge, patient management and education into my own clinic full-time. I am a highly qualified X-Ray Technician and at the top of my game in Sports Massage Therapy.

At my clinic I have been looking after All Sportsmen, Bodybuilders and fighters from many different backgrounds, MMA, Shaolin Monks, Kyusho Jitsu, Ryukyu Kempo, Krav Magra, Wing Chun, Boxing, K-1, Kick Boxing and Mui Tai and have helped my clients to understand their own anatomy and weaknesses. By having regular treatments and following my advice most of my fighters increase their energy levels during training, reduced their chances of injury and improve their recovery time after a hard session or fight

I have helped the UK further the promotion and understanding of spinal health and Chiropractic as a preventative health tool by lecturing in schools, alongside healthcare professionals including Paramedics and Midwives. I have a special interest in Contact Sport’s injuries and Biomechanical Dysfunction in Musicians and Dancers. I looked after the cast of a leading West End show at the London Palladium and I continue to have a special interest in the treatment of Dancers, Actors and Musicians. This forms part of my Ongoing Professional Development and is an area in which I can offer particular expertise, having worked as a professional Musician myself.

Over the last two years I have worked with children and teenagers, to educate them and their families in the prevention of spinal injuries. This is a real and growing danger in the digital age, which will see the necessary and inevitable growth of Chiropractic as a mainstream treatment in the UK.

I intend to be at the forefront of this movement to educate and adopt Chiropractic as a first line treatment and it will be my pleasure to help you towards good health and answer any questions for you whilst in The Six Pack Revolution and it’s my honour to be on the Leadership Team as the expert in health and well-being.