Your 90 day Success Journey
The Six Pack Revolution is a finely tuned programme designed to get you extreme lean results in the short term of 90 days. If you decide to take on this task you will be given daily nutrition programmes, exercise challenges, including lots of advice that will educate you on how to live healthily way past the 90 days. You will also be taken into an online group with your fellow challengers who will not only become your friends for life but you will support and encourage each other throughout this process. Your coaches will also be ‘live’ in these groups and therefore you can ask questions whenever you wish.

The Six Pack Revolution is hard and you will find it very challenging as it is a strict programme 7 days a week for 90 days, however every single day will be planned out for you including diet and exercise and if you stick to this programme the way we have designed it, you will achieve so much more than a Six Pack!
This will be an emotional journey of personal development as well as an amazing transformation in your health and of course ultimately your body shape.

Any questions at all please use the email link below.


Everything’s included for 90 days
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Exercise Plans
  • Instructional Videos
  • Health & fitness knowledge and guidance
  • Personal development
  • Live inspirational videos
  • Incredible daily support from coaches, fellow participants and new friends
  • All of the above for the fantastic price of £129

Please Note: There is no guarantee of a six pack as this will depend on the work you put in and of course at what level you start the programme.

The Six Pack Revolution